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Welcome to Eternity

Our lives have not been easy. Life on Planet Earth has not been easy for a long time, maybe ever. Being biological, as we are, and at least self aware enough to recognize this truth, we are humans.

A great reason Life on Planet Earth has not been easy for us is the rise of nation-states and the Corporation, both generated by unholy humans in their quest for power and control. Our borders are considered sacred by most tribes, even though most were generated by the British Empire before it was usurped by the United States Empire.

And yet there is one simple truth that has held since the beginning of time. And this truth is that we are eternal, living in eternity. It can be no other way.

Of course our biology will fail, it’s how biology works. Birth, growth, adulthood, aging and death. We know the pattern. What we do not recognize is that even Now, as always, we are living in eternity.

My sense is that our spirits choose this earthly existence because of the inevitable challenges of biological life. And the corresponding opportunities for vast growth. Angels and other non-physical types know eternity. They live it without the distractions of survival.

Those we know who have passed on are still with us. Many of us sense their presence even with their lack of physical form. Those yet to be born are with us as well, waiting for their turn on this earthly turning.

Here’s the simple truth. We are always living in eternity. It is our home. And yet we are even still ever moving through time, another inevitability. How can this be?

It is so because Now, this tiny point in time where the future becomes the past, is where we can find and recognize our eternal nature. And indeed, this Now we are ever sharing is always shuttling us through time. Eternal Awareness and Infinite Energy, co-mingling only Here in this place in time. We are Life, two elementals with opposite characteristics. Quite bizarre, and yet clearly true.

It is a great failure of the current state of science that ‘The Totality of Now’ is not the central declared truth of science. From the simplest two-slit experiments to hadron colliders, the Nowness of the experiment/experience is clear.

This is the truth of sport as well. It is this movement through time, we can never go back, that makes sports so captivating. So too are live performances captivating. The play, the live music, the acrobat, all capture our attention because of the fleeting nature of time. Failures and triumphs. And yet we are always Here, living in Eternity.

Of course, the recognition of this simple truth does not serve those few who control our corrupt and broken culture. We have been abused, traumatized and confused to the point where even this most simple of ideas seems foreign. It is not. This Life we are sharing is all there is. Life, and we, exist only Now.

So, as it is. We are all together for a very long time. Best we not forget this, the struggles of biological lie within a broken culture not withstanding. It may well be that these dangerous and auspicious times are designed to bring the truth of our Eternal Home Here in Life to the culture at large. One can hope.

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