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It’s clear plastic pollution is a huge issue for our culture. Creating plastic is energy intensive and creates caustic pollutants. Single use plastic, packaging, crap products, it’s a terribly long list. Microplastics only break down so far, and are harmful to our health. Our oceans are devastated by them, landfills hardly better. Animals, insects, plants, we humans. it’s quite insane by any reasonable measure.

My name is Jim Prues and I’ve been working on this issue for a while. Over the past year I’ve had a dozen meetings with city (Cincinnati) and county officials, but no one has taken a real interest. So I’m raising money to build this website and database hub, where bioplastics can have a digital home.

As fossil fuel interests see potential cutbacks in their use as fuel, they are even more determined to keep the fossil-fuel plastics production in tact. This does not serve us. Here’s the link to my indigogo campaign to further this effort…


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