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The Frame of Our Existence

Life is the result of two elemental forces, awareness and energy. Awareness is eternal and still, requiring nothing. It is the void; endless and dark. Energy is motion. It is incapable of stillness. The co-mingling of these two opposite forces happens at only one point in time. Now. No other time exists. This is the Great Tao. This is the first truth. Learning this is our most needed lesson in this dark time.

There is great confusion among we humans on the nature of reality. This is not surprising, since The Great Evil* doesn’t want us to understand such simple things. They would rather convince us of the all consuming nature of consumption, and keep reminding us that our intrinsic value to life on Earth comes from consuming. This means both the consumer mentality where ‘baby needs a new pair of shoes’ and more critically the consumption of bullshit narratives that have driven our culture for hundreds of years. Yuck.

There are a host of places to look if you with to explore our history from this perspective. Check out the Rothchilds family efforts with the Bank of England at the end of the Napoleonic Wars or the Vanderbilts, Carnegies and Morgans in the late 1800s. A long history of lies, cheating and exploitation. Now we can add the Bezos, Gates, Zuckerbergs and Musks to their ranks.

So I move now to the truth, the answer to the nature of reality.

What we call Life is happening only now. This point in time is all that exists. The future is gone and tomorrow never comes. The reason for this is that Life consists of two elementals – Eternal Awareness, pure stillness and Infinite Energy, pure vibration.

If we did not have Eternal Awareness, there would be no memory. No recognition of what’s come before and what we may behold in the future. We know intuitively that we are the same person we’ve been ever since we found a sense of self in these bodies. We are Eternal. This innate truth has been stolen from us.

And yet the onslaught of events is ever clear. Time does not stand still. That’s the job of Eternal Awareness. Energy creates our experience of change. And it never stops.

Life is these two elementals coexisting which necessarily happens only Now. This is the only point in time where these incomprehensible two opposite forces co-mingle. The totality of Now is the great recognition our culture lacks, much to our peril.

Sports, the great pastime these days, makes the totality of Now quite clear. No one doubts the totality of now during a crucial play, when the ball is in the air. And yet after the game we’re again caught up in a mind full of what ifs and what was and will tomorrow be alright and a whole bunch of bullshit. And we feel like it’s real in our heads, and that these thoughts supersede our reality, the Totality of Now. Silly humans.

Galaxies and animal friends are aware of of this Life we share, even without the thoughts so prevalent in we humans. The birds, trees and even the sky above all know. Words are not required to experience Now. Indeed, they get in the way.

So why is such a glaring and obvious truth so seemingly strange? It’s our broken culture, designed and implemented over a thousand years so that The Great Evil can maintain its power and its structures of control.

If Now is all that exists, we are all necessarily All Here Together, and this is and must be the case Now and throughout our eternity. Life requires that we are eternal as well. These bodies? Of course not. Yet those beyond the veil are no less real that you and I. They are just far less physical.

And yet as close as we culturally get to recognizing our eternity is in some religious or spiritual creed, which might mean a future heaven or hell or something. This is just confusion.

I could go on and on, but in point of truth I’m trying to use words to describe what words cannot know. Perhaps most importantly, Life is this Presence, a sort of soup of Energy and Awareness that is always stirring and always still. Life is enchanting, epic, the ultimate truth, always here as our life line. And again, the only reason this is not obvious is because of our confusion and fear, so ingrained in this broken culture.

So, the chains of fear must be let go. Fear always points to a particular, yet it is fear itself that we must let go to experience our new eternal world. Our truth of Life Here Together.

Of course, clearly we are biological. Biological life is clearly a subset of All That Is, yet it is chained to this moment just as all life is. And the great requirement of biological life is water.

Indeed, on the edge of science are those who see connection between water and consciousness. (Adherents to a mechanical universe do not see such truths.) Based on life here on Earth, water does fit as the essential element for biological life.

The magical nature of water is of course neglected in our broken culture as well, which only cares if it can be bought and sold. When we finally emerge from this war-torn, extractive, pollutive and insane culture, we will see water for the sacred life-enabling agent that it is.

This is World 5.0. The truth of our reality and our existence. Life is Now and we are all participants. All the pain, all the lies, all the false narratives need hold no longer. We are all Here right Now sharing Life. This is good.

Welcome to the emerging future and the receding past. Welcome to World 5.0.

*I define ‘The Great Evil’ as those forces that have driven our culture for hundreds of years. It includes, but is not limited to, oligarchic families like the Rothschilds, Morgans and others, along with other ugly forces that are at work to maintain this broken status quo. The primary tool of The Great Evil is ‘The Corporation’, a bullshit legal entity that’s been growing in power since its esta

Jim Prues is the founder of World 5.0, our new o/s. He can be reached at [email protected]. You can download my book, ‘World 5.0 – We Move From Here’ for free with this link. No sign in bullshit… https://world5.org/book

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