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Welcome to Now

The time is always now. The answer is always love.

Such has been a mantra of mine for some years. I now feel it in my bones. I live Here in the Presence – as we all do. Yet I am not driven by the freight train of events. Because I know we All Live Here in Eternity Together Right Now.

Our culture has been sadly ignorant of the nature of life and our place in it. It’s quite simple. We exist only Now. We imagine past and future events unendingly, but Life, and hence we, exist only Now.

How could such a thing be? The answer is understanding what is occurring so that this experience of life is happening. And again the answer is quite simple, if foreign to the World4 culture.

The answer is that this tiny point in time where Life happens, Now, is the intermingling of two elemental forces: Eternal Awareness and Infinite Energy.

Infinite Energy needs no introduction. It’s force affecting our lives is clear. Yet indeed it clearly only happens now. How’s your internet yesterday. Oh, you were great before the fall? Now is everything. Now is all in time. This is where we are and remain for all eternity.

Which brings us to the eternal awareness side of this. The yin to energy’s yang. It’s easily clear that we live Here in Eternity. Nearly seventy years old, I’m still the little Jimmy at my core. We have memory. Life has an eternal memory. Eternal Awareness requires it, and far more.

The totality of now is far more obvious if we think in terms of a sporting event. No going back or forward in time. The presentness of sports is part of their appeal. How about when your electric or internet are out? When does that happen?

Our connection, better yet our communion is a necessary aspect of our existence. We share Life. We are all here together in the only place in time that exists. Period. Full stop. So I suggest you get all that other bullshit out the way.

Knowing this, awakening to this, having narrowed the playing field tremendously, how you gonna play it now? How do you intend to focus your intent? Do you appreciate the powerful difference of choosing love over fear?

Because as the reality of our shared existence sinks in, into our bones, and we let go the dramas and fears that overtake so many of us, we let go. We say goodbye to all that fearful and ugly – knowing we are together, and eternally so. There is no fear. We need do nothing.

So welcome to Now. There is nothing to fear, and so much to love. Bear in mind, only love makes us happy.

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