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The World 5.0 Politician – Legislating From Truth, Integrity and Love

Legislating from truth, integrity and love. Wow. What a notion. These precepts hold for those of us supporting legislators of truth, integrity and love as well. This is the simple context for being a World Five Politician. We see that we are all here together, sharing life at this moment, and we side with truth and love. Which means we live in integrity.

Recognizing the near impossibility of a successful third party here in the US and the need to root out the corruption so rampant in our political system, there is a clear need for something new. I present the World Five Politician, the antithesis of most politicians who seek power and not to serve the citizens of this country.

The World 5.0 Democrat or Republican holds a few simple ideas and the clear commitment to the values of Truth, Integrity and Love. Truth because we know now, after the attack on our capital, that a common shared sense of truth is required for us to build a healthy government.

Two things in particular deserve our attention. ending the fear that controls our lives and ruins our communities. And ending the legal status of corporations that ruin our lives and our communities.

Love because we too long have disallowed love from our politics and culture, pushed by enslaving interests, when love is the greatest healing force on earth and a requirement for our happiness.

Integrity because we cannot find love if we do not keep our word, honor our commitments, or fail at our task of standing for the American people. With integrity alone brought into our political system, it would be transformative. 

With World 5.0, we maintain the totality of Life Now, which requires that we are all here together. Now and always. 

A central theme is recognizing that corporations make healthy cultures impossible (as we know from our lives in this corporate controlled culture). We seek to overturn this corporate control. Corporations control every major function of our lives – food, healthcare, media, energy and every major government on Earth, and ‘The Corporation’ has not served us.

For the first time in our country’s history, we did not have a peaceful transfer of power. We had a mixed crowd of insurrectionists and fools that overwhelmed our capital. This is not a sign of health. This is a sign of a broken system. And the fix is an educated electorate. World 5.0 helps in this education.

For the ever-repeated cycle, our choices for president, and so many state, county and city officials, have been lousy. It’s a long list. Another possibility exists.

We need a new construct for moving forward, and World 5.0 provides that construct. This context of Life, awakening to the totality of now, is a requirement for understanding reality. Yet agreeing on this simple truth opens the door to recognizing truth everywhere. 

And truth everywhere is required. Our issues are legion, our times unprecedented. The World Five Politician has the potential to shift the ugly and deadly dynamics of a greedy corporate culture to one where all of us are thriving together, one where we remain — connected here in Life.



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