When George cried Mama, he summoned all the mamas.
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Black lives Matter

For some of us, the idea that Black Lives Matter is kind of a duh. Of course they do. Human life is a rare gift and should be held sacred, not disposed of as an inconvenience or act of hate acted out. George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer has been the straw that broke the camel’s back, the camel being the corrupt culture of police and police unions. They are now so busted.

And we know it’s not just criminal justice that needs reform. Our political system, monetary system, food system, etc. etc. etc. all need reformation. Literally – re-form anew. It may be time for the world to wake up to World 5.0, the name I’ve given to our new o/s. 

It has principles – five of them – Peace, Love, Integrity, Justice and Balance. All honorable ideals. And Integrity demands and ethical stance. We cannot speak of integrity without ethics.

More importantly, World 5.0 describes the truth of who and where we are. Who: biological, self-aware beings. Where: together Here in Life. There is no other place. Now is all there is, and the sooner we recognize our Hereness together, the better we can deal with the craziness of being human in these times.

World5 acknowledges the power of our intent, which the elites controlling our world do not want you to appreciate. We have the power to choose between Love and fear, right now, and no one can take that power from you. There is a third truth as well – Only Love Makes Us Happy.

So if I title an article ‘Black Lives Matter’, what the help am I doing pimping World 5.0?

We don’t need another ‘analysis’ of why this is happening, or another stat about protests. But I will add one from Cincinnati this very day [6/7/2020], where we had over 10,000 peaceful protesters demanding accountability from our police. It’s inspiring. 

10 years ago I made a little video about the new world we seek. It’s called ‘The Declaration of World 5.0’. It encompasses much that we need to change to create the world we want. You can view it here…

I’m more hopeful than ever that we’re, as a species, ready to take this on. We can use our combined intent to do amazing things to heal ourselves, our communities and our world.

peace and love,



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