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The Fabricated and the Genuine

There is something very strange in the air these days. We’re learning the truth. After a long struggle where we’ve been fed bullshit our entire lives and long centuries, we’re starting to see the truth. Incredible. Astonishing.

There are a few reasons. The long arc of history is progress. Rulers and elites have been lying forever, but now we’re seeing through the veil. Progressive movements have given us glimmers, but this time feels different. We won’t be fooled again.

A second, very powerful reason is the Interweb. We don’t yet fully recognize its impact, but we have access to vast amounts of information and knowledge, and digital is forever. The lessons of history will not be forgotten.

But there’s a tertiary, and perhaps more powerful still force at work. Our awakening. It’s something in the air. We’re less suseptable to bullshit. Less interested in drama. More inclined to live and let go.

Throw on top of all this the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter, climate change et al, and you have recognition as never before. We’re learning the truth.

As we shine this light of truth on American politics – 2016, we see many who are fabricated – false, and one who is true. The republicans are a hot mess, and not worthy of discussion. But between Hillary and Bernie, the distinction is clear. Plenty of folks expressing on this, but it’s almost unneeded. There’s something in the air.


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