From Scarcity to Abundance

While our Earth and we, the people are suffering greatly in these times as the World4 ‘era of corporations’ model continues to fail under the weight of its own corruption, a new model is emerging. 

It’s a model that rejects the inevitability of globalism, and seeks solutions to local problems on a local level. It’s a model that rejects the crappy food pushed onto us by box store chains and fast food corporations like McDonalds. It’s a model that reflects back to us our innate humanity, and our need to work on behalf of each other to thrive.

For the last 1,000 years or so, dictators and the rich have found ways to keep us in servitude, if not slavery, by taking things from us. Our natural resources, the commons, our time – in their elitist world we exist only for their pleasure. 

With the movement toward globalism that took hold in the 1980s and 1990s as corporations sought to lower labor costs, the situation has become more dire. Walmart used to proudly claim ‘made in America’. By 1992 it was exposed as a sham.

The nation state has never been about creating abundance for its citizenry. It has always been about preserving wealth for the wealthy, and power for the already powerful. For hundreds of years, corporations served the nation state agendas, with colonizing troops and theft of natural resources from those with less military might. With globalization, the nation states now serve the corporations.

So, what has all this to do with the movement from Scarcity to Abundance? It applies a useful frame for seeing how we got here, that we may more clearly see how to move into abundance.

‘The Secret’ and other books discuss the power of our intent to create abundance for ourselves. Their premise is to ‘put what you want out there to The Universe, and The Universe will bring it to you. I agree to a point, but it takes some mastery of our intent which is an art not often discussed.

It does little good to ask The Universe (I say just call it Life) if as soon as you finish your request, you begin wondering whether it will come true. Then soon after you’re afraid it won’t. You’re putting out conflicting signals. ‘The Secret’ also doesn’t offer enough insight into what happens when your intention conflicts with another person’s? Still, it’s way better than fretting about what you lack.

Abundance is generally considered from a financial perspective. Lots of money brings lots of abundance. But such is only true to a point. Studies have shown that once a person or family reaches a certain threshold, maybe 50k annually, more money doesn’t necessarily bring more happiness.

So financial abundance is part of the picture, but there’s so much more. What about an abundance of Love and Peace? What about an abundance of family and friends. An abundance of health? And most importantly to we humans, an abundance of happiness?

As we reframe our thinking, feelings and belief codes about struggle and abundance, we create the space for far more abundance, and the recognition of abundance, in our lives.

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