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There Ain’t No Good Guys

Singer/songwriter Dave Mason sang this song written by Jim Krueger, which held the chorus…

There ain’t no good guys, there ain’t no bad guys, there’s just you and me and we just disagree.

For most of we nearly 8 billion humans, the saying seems true enough. We’re just trying to get along and get by, challenging enough in these times. On the geo-political scale however, only the first part is true. There ain’t no good guys.

In the world of corporations and their ownership, we have long-standing ruthless folks running Wall Street and our financial system. Historically Morgans and Rockefellers, more recently Waltons (Walmart), the Musks and Bezos and Gates. They do not serve us. They are lost in a world only known to the ultrarich. They spend money to buy and build crazy shit. Gates is lately on a mission to buy land and ensure the world’s agriculture never gets away from the agribiz model, in spite of its devastation.

Musk and Bezos, and their peers just want government off their back so they can continue to exploit people and planet. Like the US government has clipped their wings. Right. They ain’t good guys.

How about nation-state leaders from around the globe? Yeah, right again. With very few exceptions, mostly in South America in places like Chile, our rulers are in the throes of corporate control, which they gladly accept to grow their personal power through it ruins their citizens’ lives. They ain’t good guys either.

Our elected officials at every level, for the most part, care little about citizen rights or happiness. Their focused on corporate interests, not ours. They ignore their oaths and our priorities with reckless abandon, while performing fellatio at every turn for their illegal money grabbing. They ain’t good guys.

And with even a modicum of awareness about the state of things in these United States, we find about one-third of our populace willing to overthrow an elected president because they’re controlled by ideology and are cult followers of Donald Trump. They ain’t good guys either. Though, not as defense but as a recognition of reality in this culture, they’ve been beat down, abused and mis-educated for so long this sort of right-wing, hate spewing individuals should come as no surprise.

So what we find is ‘average’ Americans are content to be citizens and take care of their lives. It’s the sickos who seek power and position and influence over others. Which brings us to a bunch of knucklehead (to be kind) running our cities, counties, states and Federal Government. Not good.

Most troubling is how we’ve been so handily manipulated to keep allowing these demented folks to maintain power and control over us. Donald Trump is but one example.

The fix is clearly an educated electorate, who would not put up with this bullshit. Republican, Democrat or Independent, if we are ‘woke’ – to take back a term the manipulators now disparage, we won’t elect corporate owned politicians. We’ll elect folks who have our back and are interested in ‘the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness instead of corporate profits.

It’s clearly this simple. Yet the forces against our education are vast and long-standing. Which means we require substantive change, even transformation, to repair this broken system. Which means we must rise up and thwart this corrupt system at every turn we can. It’s what citizens are required to do if we want to be citizens, and not slaves.

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