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Bernie’s Vision for America

It’s clear that Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has a substantial grasp of the depth of Washington corruption, corporate malfeasance and the horrific inequality that is the United States today.

It’s equally clear that he’s the only candidate with the integrity to be trusted. Indeed, some argue that his is a “once in a lifetime” candidacy, as the moral compass of most politicians rivals that of used car salesmen. Yes, I thoroughly support Bernie Sanders and the millions of progressive voices that are joining in this effort to challenge our 1% System.

Now, after a 20 point victory and huge turnout in New Hampshire, we’re seeing a pattern emerge. This isn’t an election that favors the Establishment.

What I am looking toward, and have yet to see manifest, is the vision of our country should we elect Mr. Sanders with a swell of support that impacts our broken congress. Of course if the House and Senate change little, the amount of change he can bring will be severely restricted. But if Bernie is elected, we have to allow for the possibility of a markedly different congress based on a large turnout of progressive voters, and a bit of awakening among independents and democratic voters.

So let’s consider what our country might look like in four years if Bernie’s Revolution actually happens this fall.

His big three – getting the money out of elections, Healthcare for all and reining in Wall Street would have dramatic impact on our daily lives. Imagine a voting system with impeccable integrity (unlike states like Ohio), where the right and responsibility to vote is embraced by we citizens, and encouraged by our government. No more flaccid voter fraud arguments to restrict our voting rights. No more billionaires flooding our media with what is, in effect, bribery. No more legislators bought and paid for by energy, pharmaceutical, financial and other conglomerates. Already a glimmer of light through the clouds.

Healthcare for all is but common sense. So long as our healthcare system is run by for profit corporations, there will be inherent conflicts between our health and their profits. Hmmm. Who wins, who loses? And how many treatments and cures are ignored or intentionally buried because it’s more profitable to sell us more bullshit pills and/or to fill hospital beds. We’re sick, we’re depressed, we’re obese and little attention is given to lifestyle changes and holistic approaches. Bernie’s election changes this literally sick culture.

And what about the banksters and corporate heisters who’ve been robbing us for the last forty years? Median income for the average american would immediately rebound, reversing the 40 year trend of ‘trickle down economics’. Urban and rural communities would again begin to thrive. Infrastructure and education would see an immediate boost. The half of Americans who are continually stressed over finances would find solace. Hunger and poverty, very real and very common in today’s America, would be assauged. Where those who labor are taxed the same or less than those who make fortunes off their fortunes. It’s actually challenging just to imagine a fair system after generations of abuse.

These changes alone would be dramatic and highly beneficial. Yet with Bernie we have more. His integrity would help bring transparency to government and corporations, creating a more truthful system. He clearly understands that our Earth is imperiled by Industrial Age pillaging, and would help us move aggressively toward more sustainable energy. His focus on health and education would create a new wave of engaged citizens, which would in turn bring us politicians, legislators and administrators who actually care and work toward a better America.

Our lands, towns and cities being restored. Jobs abound. Public transit, healthy air and water, wholesome food and a system where we are cocreating a new Earth. Fanciful? Only if you find our current condition intractable. Can Bernie do this alone? No way. If revolution is to happen, we are the revolution.


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